Thursday, 13 May 2021


 Away is a space for writing about travel that challenges typical tellings, whether through the content of the pieces, the way they’re told, the voices telling them, or the discoveries travelers make in the process.

Away recognizes that people ‘travel’ for lots of different reasons—that travel can include emigration, exile, and the need for refuge as well as grand tours, studies away, and beach vacations. We’re looking for work that comprehends that one person’s “elsewhere” is another person’s “home.” We’re seeking work that grapples with its partiality–both that travelers are limited and enabled by their particular place in the world and that any account of lived experience will finally be incomplete. In this way, the work in Away experiments in and with those uncertain spaces.



Special Issues

In a collective moment of isolation, and even paralysis, we find ourselves sending out signals as if into the dark, hoping to be heard, to be reassured, or to make sense of the present 

Current Issue

Sometimes, memories from our travels cling to us, call to us, even stop us in our tracks. Over time, these recollections shift shapes—vaporize, showing new facets or dimensions if we hold them up to the light. 


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