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On Bodies That Split

When I stare at my sister’s reflection in the mirror, I don’t compare our bodies. Instead, I see myself.


Sometimes I dream I’m pulling earplug after earplug out of my ear, as if all the earplugs I’ve ever used have accumulated in a cramped space in my head without me realizing it, becoming some kind of gnawing mass.

Bailing Season

For weeks, my roommate and I sat idly watching as we drank our afterwork beers and the fish tails grew ever more ragged.

Clam Music

As I sat alone those few days without my husband, I watched men watching me the same way clams must watch fishermen skulking along shoals where their shadows lengthen.

12 North

“Everyone at work asked me why I agreed to drive so far to come out here when there are other beaches much closer,” my mom is saying, “and I tell them that there’s just something about this place.”

The Railway Friend

The smile she flashes at the mention of her niece is enough to make us all fall a little in love with the bride.