Wednesday, 8 Feb 2023

3 Views in Myanmar

Jessica Grim


Untitled [Myanmar.1]


In their forgiven state

     flocks      soar

loose ideas

riding  currents

      only slightly

tied     to this     or any


        can you find it

in your heart    


     friendly    reminders

of mortality        slip on the wet

concrete floor  while

running         eyes

         on the gates

of  home


where when done does

the soul       even go


     bad luck    

of so many species’


Mawlamyine Dusk


Lovely quiet of the outage

disrupted by loudspeakers

powered by back-up generator


if your eyes when skimming

a dictionary land on “pelagic”


The Andaman is a marginal sea of the north- eastern Indian Ocean bounded by Myanmar and Thailand along the Gulf of Martaban, and separated from the Bay of Bengal to its west by the Andaman and the Nicobar islands.


ions too polite

to collide hold



as they flew gave off

a melody


crows and gulls, or neither


The Gulf of Martaban, also called the Gulf of Mottoma, is an arm of the Andaman Sea; the Sittaung, Yangon, and Salween – also called the Thanlwin – rivers empty into it.     


tree full of fruit bats

on the corner near the post office

and the colonial clock tower


civil twilight

nautical twilight

astronomical twilight


The Salween river, about 2,044 miles long, flows from the Tibetan Plateau south into the Andaman Sea. Despite the river’s great length only the last 90km are navigable, where it forms a modest estuary and delta at Mawlamyine.


wearing  the insomniac night

the darling dawn      recalls

      when the sky

hums       you know

your future


Pigeon in My House


There’s a pigeon

in my house

I am going to open

the balcony door, go for a walk

and see if when

I return there’s

a pigeon      in my house



Jessica Grim is one of the founding editors of Away Journal. Due to the pandemic, she faced an early return from her stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Myanmar. She is the author of several volumes of poetry.