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I look up, and the TV reads, “Bipolar depression is different.” What is a pattern?

Zentral Europa Chronicles

by Gerard Sarnat

I grew/ a Sarnatsky graybeard then prayed myself from one/ decrepit synagogue to another yet another all across/ Zentral Europaisa.

I Call It “Éire”

by Liam McMillin

They had strange names, and lived in a city built beneath the surface of the earth, and they were left there for centuries. Like all stories, they rode the river out, to the light, a boy, a girl, and a baby.


by Christopher Bryan

A fat drop of blood trickles down my leg and I worry it might drip on Irene’s floor-mats.

Morta Sicura

by A. W. Barnes

When I escorted Nikki to her car, I hugged her goodbye and said that I looked forward to her next visit. She held onto to me tightly and whispered into my ear, “You know the Indians killed him, don’t you?”

Summer 2016: Inward

Our outward movements often encourage a turning inwards of our gaze, a reorientation of perspective.


by Maya Gillett

At sixteen, I can see that they are so eager to help and so ready and that the woman across the desk is nodding along, humoring them, being kind, indulging this feeling. My parents—good people, thinking people—do not understand; I do not understand. None of us will ever understand.

Something Close To It

by Ryan Evans

He’s meant to move. They can see it in his eyes and the way he wanders while he lectures. His feet shuffle like a James Brown bass line and he paces with the intensity of, well, not a tiger, but something. Something close to it.