Monday, 17 Jun 2019

PHOTO ESSAY: Encounters

Jabali Sawicki

I often leave home with only the slightest concern for general direction. No compass. No map. No plan. My wanderings take me here and there, and force me to trust the good people and generosity I encounter along the way. I prefer to walk, a pace more conducive to the rhythms of the street…. The pace of a grandmother’s labored breathing as she lugs groceries up her stoop. The pace of her grandchildren’s laughter as they double-dutch outside the corner bodega. The pace at which simple moments unfold . . . . Handshakes. Hugs. Daydreams. And farewells. It’s music. It’s dance. It’s metaphor. It’s beautifully choreographed chaos.

I take a deep breath, five seconds in, five seconds out . . . to ground myself and become fully present. Present in time. Present in space. Present within this monstrosity of perpendicular streets and parallel narratives. Then and only then, after following this simple sacred ritual am I prepared to see what too often remains hidden, our shared humanity and dignity.

Jabali Sawicki is a Brooklyn-based educator and photographer. Relatively new to photography, he’s one of the hungriest street photographers roaming the streets of NYC. He captures the world he sees and experiences with his iPhone 4.