Wednesday, 8 Feb 2023
Issue: Fall 2015: Enough Too Much Not Enough

To Water

by Katrina Knebel

In the park across the street, there is a lake bursting like a dilated pupil within a square iris.

Homes in the Sky

by Sophia Bamert

The soon-to-be setting sun reflects in the windows of an apartment building, casting a harsh glare. I put on my sunglasses, even though I can’t find the sun itself. The Manhattan cityscape distorts the sky that it touches.

Connecting the Dots

by Keene Short

My hometown, Flagstaff, is a galaxy of empires built upon one another. It is a logging college town built on former Mexican territory, formerly New Spain, formerly land inhabited by Native American communities, on the slope of a mountain in a giant ponderosa pine forest on the edge of the Colorado Plateau…

Of Course

by Hillary Mullan

Here I was flopped on my bed, trapped inside. I was on my sixth day of host mother abandonment and was so over politeness.