Wednesday, 8 Feb 2023
Issue: Summer 2021: Free to Move About

Irregular Verbs

Jennifer L. Craig My brother went into hospice at the beginning of March. He died two weeks later. At the beginning of April, he was buried in the national cemetery. Then, as if in collaboration, the next months were marked

Gate Raiding

Mark Chesnut “No sir, you CANNOT have more peanuts!” the red-faced flight attendant shrieked, stabbing a furious finger into the air. “And no, I AM NOT going to give you a goddamned amenity kit. Sit DOWN sir, or I will

The Real Ireland

Lee Haas Norris The dandelions were everywhere. Our knuckles ached from gouging them out of cracks in the worn, cement driveway. At the sound of a Peugeot putt-putting toward us from the garage my husband Chuck and I skittered back,

Traveling While Female

Emma Zimmerman There is a freedom that only the road knows—the one-lane highways; the rolled-down windows; the misty lake air, brushing wind through your hair. There is a loneliness that only the road knows—the smallness of you; the vastness of