Wednesday, 8 Feb 2023
Issue: VONA Special Issue: Winter 2016

Introduction to a Special VONA issue of Away

by Faith Adiele

It is with unbounded joy and gratitude that I announce this VONA publishing partnership with AWAY: Experiments in Travel & Telling, a travel journal I so admire. As a biracial traveler and the daughter of immigrants, I often find myself ambivalent about mainstream travel/literature.

Brother From Another Planet

by Bani Amor

Ever since he’s lived here as a boy, the relics would come, riding on warm Pacific waves to the shores of África, or finally revealed under grains of sand after centuries of slow-rising from the tombs.

Weiling and the Eighteen Levels of Hell

by Beverly Tan Murray

[A] memory without proper reflection is like a dragon costume. Before the performer dances life into it, it lies unused, lifeless, devoid of meaning. Only by delving inside can the carcass of the past grow a soul, spiritual limbs akimbo, newly graced with nuance and syntax.

Out And About As A Global Citizen

by Anu Taranath

So many of us travel abroad to search for “something different”—new cultures, people, ways of life, stories, experiences, foods, sights, and geographies. We go far to stretch ourselves and be elsewhere. We go for “something different” than what we already know. Sometimes though—and this is the part we don’t often speak about—we aren’t really sure what to do with the differences we have found, especially if they make us have to question who we are and what that means in a larger global world.


by Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins

There was something familiar about this place of arched hallways leading to sitting rooms with wicker furniture stuffed with colorful pillows of Middle Eastern designs.